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Manager / Head Coach


BSc Applied Sport Science (Loughborough) (Including: Applied Performance Analysis, Advanced topics in Exercise Psychology, Strength & Conditioning Training, Advanced Topics in Physical Activity & Health, Performance Nutrition, Performance Physiology) (Research Project: Sticking Points in Squat, Benchpress and Deadlift)

FdSc Sports Science (Derby ) (Including: Sports Nutrition, Sports Conditioning, Sports Psychology, Applied Sports Psychology, Physiology, Biomechanics)

Lv 4 Strength & Conditioning (KBT Education)

Lv 4 Remedial Therapy (Premier Global)

Lv 3 Sports Massage Therapy (Premier Global)

Lv 3 Advanced Personal Trainer (Premier Global)

Lv 1 Powerlifting Coach (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association)

Lv 2 Powerlifting Coach (British Powerlifting)

Group Exercise Instructor (Premier Global)

Specialist Populations Instructor (Premier Global)

Kettlebell Instructor (Various)​

Registered Clean Coach (WADA)

Anti - Doping advisor


Currently Studying: MSc Musculoskeletal Sports Science & Health

Experience: Army Veteran, Coach - AWPC European Championships, Coach - ABPU British Championships, Coach - ABPU Qualifiers, Coach - BP 4 Counties,  Coach - Strongman/Woman (Various)

Specialist Areas: Strength & Conditioning, Injury Rehabilitation, Weight loss / Body Composition Change




Qualification: FdSc Sports Science & Coaching (Nottingham Trent) (Including: Strength & Conditioning, Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Coaching in youth talent Development, Physiology, Sports Talent Development, Sports Nutrition,  Sports Coaching),

Lv3 Sports Leadership,

Lv2 Wheelchair Basketball Coach, Lv2 Wheelchair Basketball Officiating,

Lv1 Hockey Coach,

Lv1 Rugby Coach,

Dodgeball Coach.

Experience: Assistant Coach - NTU Wheelchair Basketball, Coach - Junior Nottingham Tennis Open, Coach - Sainsburies School Games, Coach - Change 4 Life Initiative, Former Athlete - County level Wheelchair Athletics & Para - Powerlifting, Former Athlete - East Midlands Wheelchair Basketball U19's, Former Athlete - East Midlands Boccia.

Anti - Doping Advisor


Specialist Areas: Strength Training, Para-Powerlifting, Disability Sports, Youth Development.






Level 4 in Physiology

Level 4 in Individual Performance Analysis

Level 4 in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Level 4 in Physical Activity for health

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Certified Rockfit Instructor

Currently Studying: BSc Sports Science (Nottingham Trent)

Experience:   Athlete - AWPC European Championships, Athlete - ABPU British Championships, Athlete - ABPU Qualifiers,  Athlete- Strongwoman (The Unit)

Specialist Areas: Strength Sports, Weight loss / Body Composition Change, Motivation & Exercise Adherence

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