Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a membership Subscription?

We run a monthly direct debit option however there are no cancellation fees or contracts.

How long before I see results?

This is totally dependant on the individual but with our expert coaches to hand we can minimise the time it takes to reach your goals.

Is the gym child friendly?

The gym is fully equipped for children and we run memberships from 11 to 15 years. Younger children are also welcome. All members below the age of 16 must be accompanied by a 21 year old at all times.

Is there disabled access?

The gym has disabled access to the front and rear. Not only do we have specialised benches for Para Powerlifting but all of our racks and rigs can be set up to accommodate various of disabilities. For more information contact us.

Are there staff members to help me?

There is always a member of staff available to help.

Are there changing facilities?


Do you have cardio equipment?

Yes. We have a plethora of non - traditional forms of cardio available (No Treadmills or Bikes - This is by design).

Does the gym offer personal training?

We have a number of coaches and personal trainers available. Check out our individual staff pages to learn more about our team.






Do you have onsite parking?

We have onsite parking but there is also local on street parking and a number of public car parks within a 3 minute walk.

Can I train with injuries?

This depends on the injury. We have an onsite Remedial therapist who can assess injuries, conduct specialist testing, provide a referral service if needed, and provide rehabilitation programs.

Do you have a Female only area?

We do not provide a Female only area. We can however promise no mirrors and a non-intimidating atmosphere.

Can I use chalk?


Do you cater for beginners?

We cater for all abilities and disabilities. If you are new to the gym make our coaches aware and we will provide you with the support you

Sometimes I need to drop the weights - Is this allowed?

Yes. We have bumper plates and 50mm rubber platforms for this very reason.

Is Old Tyme Strength just for Powerlifters?

Not at all. We cater to any goal and our staff cover a wide variety of strength, sports, and conditioning fields.