Our Facilities

Old Tyme Strength has some of the best competition equipment in the area!

Equipment on site

9x Squat Stations including 2x Powerlifting Competition Racks

1x Competition Monolift

4x Bench Press stations including 3x Competition Benches

2x Competition Para-benches


2x Full Size Powerlifting Platforms

Power Bars, Deadlift Bars, Olympic Bars, Safety Squat Bars & Axles

Strongman Equipment including Yolks, Atlas Stones, Logs, Farmers Walk Handles & Sandbags

Metric Tonnes of plates (Including Bumpers and Calibrated Powerlifting Competition Plates)

Dumbbell Area with fixed and adjustable benches 

Accessory Stations (GHD, Sissy Squat, Seal Row, Chest supported Row)

Reverse Hyper-extension

Astroturf track

Competition Kettle bells, Battle Ropes, Sleds & Punch Bags