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About us


The Old Tyme Strength Gym was established in 2018. This is a no-nonsense gym.
Don’t worry about it being too intimidating though, as our gym is welcoming and we are excited to help both experienced and novice lifters. If you want to experience a transformation, whether it’s weight loss, gaining muscle mass or strength training, we are the gym for you.

If you’re fortunate enough to ever set foot in a place like Old Tyme Strength, then you will know you’re in a place to “do work” and not the typical fitness club set up to sell you a membership.

Since Old Tyme Strength first opened in 2018, our philosophy was to have a gym that was dedicated to producing amazing Body Transformations. You can walk in today and see that we have become that and much more.

Do  you want to squat?
We have more squat racks than any other gym in Mansfield plus a Monolift.

Do you want to bench?
We have several competition benches along with a variety of power racks.

Do you want to deadlift?
We have platforms, and jacks available.

Bars, Plates & Specialist equipment.

We have a number of speciality bars including squat, deadlift and power bars. We have calibrated steel, cast iron and rubber bumper plates. We have Yokes, Axles, Kettlebells, Tyres, Maces and logs available.

Do you want to compete?
At Old Tyme Strength we provide our members an opportunity to learn and compete in many strength sports. We hold our own events to introduce beginners to strength sports and give our more established members an opportunity to tune up before sanctioned competitions.  Our events are an excellent way for our members to get involved with a variety of strength sports in the comfort of their own gym. All of our events are a great opportunity to meet and compete with amazing people.


We want you to train. Our facilities are always equipped for your needs.

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